Tickets F.A.Q.

Start with ticket presale:

To sell tickets via Tibbaa you need to have an account that gives you access to the Tibbaa dashboard. You can request an account here by clicking on ‘Sign up’.
After you requested the account, one of our account managers will approve your request and you can immidiately start creating your own ticket shop and selling your tickets for your event.
The costs of using the Tibbaa ticketing platform are depending on the amount of tickets you sell on a yearly base. We make use of amounts that will always be cheaper that our competitors.

You decide if the costs will be for you own account or charge it to the consumers. When you charge the costs to the customer, making use of Tibbaa will be completely free.

My first event:

We made it as simple as possible to start with your ticket presale for your event. The needed information can be simply imported from Facebook. When your event is not (yet) on Facebook, you can enter the information of the event manually. You can find more information in the manual of the Tibbaa dashboard (available after you logged in on the dashboard).
The most important payment options like iDeal, Creditcard and Paypal are available within the Tibbaa ticket shops. You can add or delete payment options for you ticket shop. Read the dashboard manual for further instructions (available after you logged in on the dashboard).
You can find a piece of code in the Tibbaa dashboard that you can easily place in your website. The ticketshop will automatically appear on you own website. You can also easily make a link with Facebook. An extra tab will be added to your Facebook page where consumers will find your ticket shop. For more details about this, please check the manual (available after you logged in on the dashboard).
You can give your ticket shop your own look and feel. You can set the colors, text and images of you ticket shop. Please check the manual of the dashboard for more information (available after you logged in on the dashboard).
That’s possible. You can make use of the guest list module in the dashboard.

Ticket control during the event:

We offer several options to check the sold tickets at the entrance. One of the options is to make use of our special scanners you can lease from us. You can also download the Tibbaa scan app on your own smartphone. Depending of the amount of sold tickets and your wishes, you and your account manager will decide which option of ticket control will fit your event best.

Do you want to use the Tibbaa scan app on your own smartphone?
Take a look in the manual for more information.

When you sold over 1.000 tickets, Tibbaa will arrange a minimum of 1 scan manager on your event. He or she will be the contact person for all the staff that will scan the tickets during your event.

If needed we can arrange scan teams for you who will handle all ticket control for your event. When you want to make use of our scan teams, please contact your account manager. But in the first place it’s your own responsibility to arrange a scan team.

As noticed before, make sure you arrange a scan team. When you sold over 1.000 tickets, a Tibbaa scan manager will be available to instruct your staff.

Although not necessary (our scanners work also without an internet connection), it is recommended to have a WiFi connection at the entrance. Besides, we recommend you to make sure there is enough lighting and sockets.

When you and your account manager have decided that Tibbaa will arrange scanners (and even maybe scan staff), one of our scan managers will contact you before your event to arrange a pick-up and return date for the scan equipment. A planning will be made when Tibbaa will also provide scan staff.

The payment of your ticket sales:

Your revenue will always be paid on the first Wednesday after your event.
You can find an overview of your invoices in the dashboard via the menu item ‘Finance’.