Webshop F.A.Q.

Your own Tibbaa webshop with merchandise of your event, organisation or brand? It’s possible! You can take a look at the demo shop, and find the answers of the frequently asked questions on this page.

When you want to have your own Tibbaa webshop, you can sign up your organisation via this form.
There are no costs for you when Tibbaa sets up the webshop for you. You will just hand in a percentage of the revenue to Tibbaa when items are sold. No cure no pay !
The webshop is mostly focussed on merchandise with your logo (t-shirts, caps, hoodies, etc). But it’s also possible to sell your own products in the webshop.

You can see a full overview of the available products and colors here.

Please contact our support desk if you have the wish to sell other products than you can find the product overview.

Of course ! You can decide the colors, logos and what you will offer on the webshop.
As soon as you signed up, we will contact you to discuss the marges on your products. You decide what the selling prices will be, this way you will also define a part of your marge.
Via Tibbaa it’s easy to distribute vouchers that can be used on your webshop.

There vouchers will be linked on selected events. When a consumer  buys a ticket for this event, they will get a voucher attached to the ticket. This voucher can be used in your webhsop. If preferred the vouchers can be specifically targetted based on age, gender and residence.

When you organise events yourself, and sell tickets via Tibbaa, you can add the vouchers easily via the dashboard.

Webshop procedure