Smartcard F.A.Q.

Questions about the Tibbaa Smartcard? Find here the answers on the F.A.Q.

The Tibbaa Smartcard is a fully functioning Visa VPAY prepaid card that can be used wherever the Visa VPAY Acceptance Mark is displayed. Tibbaa has uniquely combined this prepaid card with a loyalty program that rewards users with free entrance and/or discounts to events they order via Tibbaa. Attractive discounts are also offered in leisure, retail, gastronomy and much more.

VPAY is a payment system by Visa and is safe to use because of the latest chip technology (EMV). 

No, the Tibbaa Smartcard is a prepaid card. The card must be topped up prior to use.

If you choose to have a Green Tibbaa physical card, the annual cost of the Tibbaa Smartcard is €12. If you choose to have a Black physical Tibbaa Smartcard, the annual subscription cost is €24. In addition to this, for both cards, there is also an enrolment fee of €12. For further information regarding fees please refer to our Terms & Conditions on the Tibbaa Smartcard website.

A virtual prepaid card is designed for online payment, where the card is not required to be physically present.

If you are applying for the Green Tibbaa Smartcard, you will only be able to have a physical card. If you are applying for the Black Tibbaa Smartcard you can have both a virtual card and a physical card (if you choose to have one as well), at the same time.

Via it’s easy to apply for a Tibbaa Smartcard, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age, no financial evaluation is necessary. Currently you have to be a resident in the Netherlands to own a Tibbaa Smartcard.

Please go to ‘order’ on the website and complete in full the details requested. If your order is accepted you will receive the card within 3 weeks.

Please go to ‘order’ on the website and complete in full the details requested and attach the necessary documentation (see below: ‘What documents do I need to provide?’). You will initially receive a virtual card. If you wish to receive a physical card, please login to your MySmartcard account. Here you can request your physical card.

You can upgrade from your Green Tibbaa Smartcard to a Black Tibbaa Smartcard by submitting the necessary documentation via your Tibbaa Smartcard account.

Verification of your identity

  • A copy of your passport or government issued photo identity document, for example a driving licence (if photo is included), where the original is seen or a certified copy of the document

Verification of your residential address

  • Photographic driving licence with current address (if not used for the purposes of confirming your identity)
  • Provision of a recent utility bill (mobile phone bills are not permitted), tax assessment or bank or building society statement containing details of address (must be less than 3 months old)
  • Letter from a government body or agency addressed to you at the residential address provided (must be less than 3 months old)
  • Tenancy Agreement (private tenancy agreements are not acceptable)

Verification of your source of funds to load the Black Tibbaa Smartcard.

  • Salary – if your source of funds is from your salary, please include the name of your company, your occupation, and also your job title.
  • Benefits – if your source of funds is from benefits please state clearly which benefit you are receiving.
  • Self employed – if your source of funds comes from being self employed, please state clearly the name and nature of your business.
  • Savings – if your source of funds comes from savings please provide the bank name and sort code these funds are held at.

You can access your balance by logging onto the dashboard through

The balance can be topped up by logging on the dashboard via The required amount can be selected and you can pay via your reliable payment system.

The Tibbaa Smartcard is an official approved payment system. The card can be used wherever the VPAY Visa Acceptance Mark is displayed.

The Tibbaa Smartcard contactless service can be used for payments of up to €30 without the need to enter a PIN code.

Contact us immediately via email to with any queries you may have.

Forgotten Password? Access, go to ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions.

Forgot PIN code? – go to and follow the instruction.

Send an email to, we will block your card and re-issue a replacement Tibbaa Smartcard.

You can contact Tibbaa Smartcard via the support page.

Yes, if you bought a ticket at Tibbaa with your activated Tibbaa Smartcard, the smart-ticket will be loaded onto the Tibbaa Smartcard. You can make use of the Tibbaa Fast Lane with the smart-ticket.

For every purchase made with the Tibbaa Smartcard, you receive loyalty points. There are special promotions with partners which you can get double loyalty points with. Loyalty points can be spent in the Tibbaa2Pay webshop. Get even more loyalty points? Become ambassador! Go to for more information.

In the Tibbaa2Pay webshop you can spend all your loyalty points. You can find different kind of promotions and products that you can buy with loyalty points.

Loyalty points can be spent in the Tibbaa2Pay webshop.

To activate the Tibbaa Smartcard, go to the activation page and follow the steps.

The Tibbaa Smartcard is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Visa Europe. IDT Financial Services Limited is a regulated bank, licensed by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar. Registered Office: 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. Registered No. 95716. All communications should be sent to: Tibbaa Smartcard B.V. Lange Kleiweg 62H 2288 GK Rijswijk