Tickets F.A.Q.

Do you have any questions about the ticket you bought via Tibbaa?
Please read here the answers to the frequently asked questions.

When you deleted you ticket(s) by accident from you mail, or you can’t find the tickets anymore, you can request them here.

To request the ticket(s), you will be asked for your mail address and order number. Fill in the mail address you used when you bought your tickets. You can find the order number on your bank statement.

The tickets will appear on your screen directly. When you can (temporary) locked out of your mail address, you can still request your tickets. If you don’t remember the mail address you used for buying the ticket(s), please contact our support desk.

No, you can not cancel the tickets you bought.
It depends on the event.

If you want to be sure if the tickets are transferable, please contact the event organisation.

It is possible that you need to identify yourself at the entrance of an event. When you ID don’t match the name on the ticket it is possible that you can not enter the event.

Please always check you spam folder of your email-box.

If the tickets are not in you spam folder, please see the first question of this page ‘I lost my ticket. What to do ?’ to request your ticket.

It is possible that your payment can not be finished. This problem can have different causes. A malfunction at the bank, or not enough balance.

Please always check if you bank account is not debitted before ordering your tickets again. When paying with creditcard and Paypal, the payment can take more time.

If you still have problems regarding ordering a ticket, please contact our support desk.

When the event is canceled, you will always receive a message from Tibbaa or the organisation of the event. In this message you will find the procedure regarding the refund. When you did not receive a message within one week after the canceled event, please contact our support desk.

Yes, that is possible. Make sure the smartphone screen is not cracked and make sure the contrast is very high.

In all other cases we recommend to print your ticket(s).

When you did not order your ticket(s) via an official presale address, there is always a risk that your ticket is not valid.

Your access will be denied at the entrance when the ticket is not valid.
When you bought your ticket(s) via Ticketswap, you can contact Ticketswap and mention the ticket problem.

When you received a discount code, you can claim the discount by filling the code in the last step when ordering your ticket(s). Please notice: fill in the discount code before you click on the payment button. It is not possible to refund the discount after you ordered the ticket(s).
In some cases the ticket shop is secured. This means you can only order ticket(s) with a login code. You need to enter the code before you can order the ticket(s).

Depending of the code type you received, you can use it only one time, or multiple times to make an order. It is also possible that there is a maximum amount of tickets you can order per code.

The organisation of the event can tell you how many times the code can be used and how many tickets you can order per code. Tibbaa does not have any influence on it.

The organisation of the event will decide how many tickets can be ordered per order. Tibbaa does not have any influence on it.
Organisations have the possibility to add one or more vouchers to the ticket. These vouchers can be used to buy merchandise, products, services or tickets with a discount.

The vouchers says how and where it can be used. Depending on the voucher type, it can be online, a shop or during the event itself. When there is a (bar)code on the voucher, the voucher can only be used one time. When there is no (bar)code on the voucher you can use it multiple times.